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A legal contract that obligates a customer and service a promote. Diwakar infra projects are found new account open types of businesses but are most often associated with maturity deals as a way of finalizing the interest of both parties before closing the deal.

Sales and purchase agreements are also found in the upper supply chains of many large, publicly-traded companies. They are set up to help both the Agent and the policy holder's forecast demand and costs, and become increasingly important as the size of the deals increases.

The official document received after mutual acceptance on an offer stating the final policy price and all terms of the agreement. The specific items in this contract vary by state.

In states with escrow agents handling the closing process, the buyer's agent is responsible for preparing this document. In areas where attorneys handle the closing, they will prepare the document. It's signed by the buyer, seller and their respective agents. There will usually be included addendums for inspections, financing, and the title.

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